Setting Up a Writing Plan of an Argument Essay about Smoking

Are you planning to create an essay about smoking? If you want to do this the right way, you have to have a plan in place. This article can help you create a reading plan for your argumentative exposition about smoking so that you would be able to persuade your audience to entertain your way of thinking whether you are for or against it.

First, you have to be aware of who your audience is going to be. Are they going to be all your professors alone? Or will some students be there to watch? Knowing your audience will give you an idea as to how to begin your argument.

The age bracket of your audience also plays an important role in your plan. If they are adult Males or females, then use words that would appeal to their sense of independence. Present your argument in such a way that would convince them to decide for themselves regarding the issue. Do not be reluctant when it comes to your stand. Make it as clear as possible and let the people decide what they want to think after.

In connection with this, you have to figure out your opponent is going to be. Be aware of how he attacks certain points in the debate. Argumentative expositions can be presented in the form of debate, so it would be best to become aware of the other participant. This way, you will be able to strategize on how to argue your side effectively.

In case you would have to present your essay alone, make sure it to allow them to see both sides of the situation. In this case, give them the chance to see the pros and cons of smoking. This way, they will have an informed decision regarding what they would want to do with the habit.

Lastly, you have to make sure that you will use words in your exposition that can easily be understood by the audience. You have to reach your audience in such a way that they will not only learn something from your writing but also enjoy listening to you or reading your work. This is why you would have to write and rewrite your work as much as possible. By rewriting, you will be able to correct any mistakes and improve your written language.

  • Be Aware of Your Audience
  • Know Your Opponent
  • Be Fair and Balanced
  • Simplicity

Final Words

These ideas some of the many pointers that the need to remember when writing a plan for your argumentative essay on smoking. It is important to remember that smoking is considered a health hazard, so you have to be careful about your words when it comes to arguing about this particular topic. Use words that will not incite but shall not dissuade either. Neutrality is important.