Composing A Decent Personal Experience Essay

The great thing about writing an essay on personal experience is the fact that it can be written about practically anything in the world, which also makes it much harder for many people. When your task is not limited with one field of life, when you don’t have any idea what to write about to make it good and worth reading, you might want some practical tips on writing this work.

How to Structure Your Essay on Personal Experience

This one you’ll need even more than in usual paper. To keep your reader going, to get his or her full attention and make him excited about your writing you should make this “bait”, the hook of your story simple but catchy and maybe controversial or provocative in some way.

An intro paragraph traditionally tells you the theme or the thesis and explains why you are writing on this subject, its importance. If you are still struggling with mastering this or can’t think of a topic to write about, check this useful source to get an idea. Homework is not a struggle anymore with Myhomeworkdone.

As usual, in any piece of writing, a body paragraph focuses on the description of all those events you’re writing about. Try to write it in a plain language and don’t mislead the reader with time, so make it chronological.

To conclude you will most likely go through all those experiences you described, but be sure to add a moral point and some reflection on the subject.

  • A hook.
  • Introduction.
  • Body paragraph.
  • Conclusion.

A Few More Tips on Mastering Your Personal Essay

This can help you dive to a topic of great depth from an everyday life point. Focus on choosing the right angle to make it slightly ironic but deep, which would also keep your reader satisfied.

The power you have here is an emotion, which is probably the greatest tool in the world that can turn anything into a masterpiece. People love emotions, so this is what your essay is running on. Make sure you don’t run out of this fuel till the very end.

  • Think carefully about an angle.
  • Make it special.

It’s not that hard in the end and can be really engaging, also makes quite a good practice. Once you know what to write about personal essay comes down to a regular more or less argumentative essay with some personal reflections.